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Bonjour! I’m not French, but I love languages…

My name’s Morgan and I am a born and raised Brooklyn girl.  I have a dog (hi Penny) and my amazing husband Troy.  I’m also an educator in the New York City public school system.  I love what I do and have a passion for working with students with disabilities (as well as coaching and mentoring teachers to support students with disabilities.)

Ever since I was able to chew I had an unrelenting love for food.  I vividly remember having Sunday bagel breakfasts with my family, the smell of lox and fresh baked bagels spreading through our two-bedroom apartment.  Friday nights were pizza or NY deli sandwiches, and I just remember the feeling that came with this: true, unwavering love and community.

They say meals are meant to be had with those you care most about, and I agree.  Meals are special, whether it’s All American Burgers and Fries in a car after a hike or a long drive, or a 5-star Michelin rated six-course meal with corporate businessmen, it’s the company you keep that makes the food even more magical.  I love cooking and I love experimenting with new foods and inviting the entire block (okay exaggeration.. but lots of people) over to try what i’ve made.  I love all kinds of cuisine from Indian to Italian, to vegan and paleo-style foods, experimenting with foods is the beauty that comes from cooking.

Now to put the “aste” in “nomaste,” I’m a yogi and very much into fitness and wellness.  I love staying healthy in the physical sense as well as what I eat.  I am constantly keeping active with yoga or weightlifting, or even taking my doggo on long walks at night… anything to stay active is better than nothin’!

I want to create a platform for women and men to relate to, to come to whey they want to be inspired just like I am from other incredible blogs.  I want to share my ideas on fitness and health, and tie it with mouth-watering recipes that come from scratch or altered by others.  I want to keep this lighthearted and fun, because food is what unites us, no matter the color of our skin or where we came from.  Let’s dive in together and share smiles across our screens.

Enjoy. Nomaste.


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