• Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet with Garlic Spinach

    HELLOOOOO FIRST SNOWY DAY OF THE SEASON!  It’s way too early for this nonsense but nevertheless, tis pretty as it falls no?  It also took me two hours to get home, but was grateful to arrive safely with my sweet … Continue reading

  • Baked Garlic Buffalo Wings

    When Football season kicks in (see what I did there? Kick? No? Okay…), it seems like there’s only two options for food: burgers and fries, or wings.  I love me some good ol’ fashioned buffalo wings, fried to perfection and … Continue reading

  • Shepherd’s Pie

    Throwback to when hubs and I went to London and had the most incredible food at a pub our last night in Europe.  I had a burger, but what did hubs have? Yep, shepherd’s pie.  We were not disappointed, in … Continue reading

  • Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

    I’m a fall girl, 100%.  I could deal with being in warmer weather, if I lived super close to a beach, or in Florida.  Living in New York, and experiencing all four seasons, Fall is absolutely my favorite.  The leaves … Continue reading

  • Primal Cassava Flour Pancakes

    Happy Sunday loves!  It’s officially fall (y’all…) and I couldn’t be happier.  Sitting with a hot cup of coffee, windows cracked to welcome the cool breeze, pumpkin everything, and fall-scented candles burning… it is truly my favorite season.  Sundays are … Continue reading

  • Slow Braised Short Ribs in Bone Broth and Red Wine

    Sundays are for lazy mornings with a cup of coffee, Fixer Upper on HGTV, and home-cooked dinners.  A few years ago, I stopped eating red meat because it made me feel super bloated and inflamed; I felt like I couldn’t … Continue reading

  • Kale with Sausage and Onion

    I’m one of those people that has a love-hate relationship with kale.  Sometimes I’m craving it, but other times I want nothing to do with it.  Kale can be so versatile: sautéed, steamed, made into chips, tossed with some oil … Continue reading

  • Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

    Who doesn’t like teriyaki chicken?  I always think of a bento boxes or lunch specials when I hear the word “teriyaki.”  I’m a sushi girl, but the hubs isn’t a fan, so we compromise and get thai a lot of … Continue reading

  • Turmeric Chicken with Peppers and Onion

    Sometimes there are things that just come to mind the night before, or even the same night when trying to figure out what to cook for dinner.  This recipe is no exception.  I love cooking with and using turmeric in … Continue reading

  • Ratatouille

    No, this post is not about the most incredible Pixar animated movie Ratatouille, but it does have to do with the dish that’s in it!  There is nothing better than slow-cooked vegetables in a beautifully decadent tomato sauce with a … Continue reading


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