Fit Tips and Tricks

Fit Tips and Tricks


I’m known for trying a new regimen then giving up after two weeks of it ‘not working.’   I know that 21 days forms a habit, but I get so antsy when I want to see progress NOW (kind of reminds me of Willy Wonka when Veruca demands a goose and the eggs and then she.. yeah, you get the reference).

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I love to exercise, and I love different forms of exercise, but sticking to a routine is really hard when you don’t WRITE IT DOWN or find excuses to not workout.  I’ve been back living in Brooklyn for six years and have been a member of four different gyms, two yoga studios, and an online yoga community ( is amazing btw.)

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Stay committed with writing things down:  Take time to create a list of when you’ll work out and what your workout will actually be (special thanks to my bestie and my personal trainer Jessie for starting me on this)
  2. No opt out:  If you say you’re going to do something for your children, would you then back out at that moment? NO, so why do this to yourself?  If you are going to workout, make it your business to do so. Even if its a 10-minute jaunt on the treadmill, its 10 minutes spent on yourself and 10 minutes more of exercise than you would have done 🙂
  3. Pre-plan dinners or your morning routine ahead of time:  No excuses, play like a champion, right? I’m a PM-workout gal so I always workout in the evening after work (early AM on the weekends).  I always plan out my dinners ahead of time to ensure that I have zero excuses to not workout.  I rely on cooking enough for the next night or using the crockpot for long days. (trust me, recipes to follow!)

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