A few of my favorite things…

  • Primal Palate Seasonings:  They are amazing!  I have several different varieties of their seasonings and could not be happier.  Very clean ingredients, versatile with a lot of different recipes, and last a while!  I just developed a recipe using the cinnamon sugar cookie blend and I am still shook.
  • Siete Foods: I have been an avid user of Siete products since the very beginning; siete is a family-owned and operated company located in Texas and their line of chips, tortillas, hot sauces, enchilada sauce, and taco seasonings are PHENOMENAL – hyper aware of allergens and everything is gluten free. (the chips are made from cassava!)
  • Barney Butter:  I hated almond butter until I found this product.  I was a user of Justin’s but the grittiness of it stood out to me.  Barney butter is made with sustainably sourced palm oil, salt, almonds… THATS IT.  I swear by this brand and product.
  • Organic Valley:  Organic Valley has been a product staple in my fridge for years, their half and half is a life savior and I am addicted to their ULTRA milk.  Their products are pasture raised, grass-fed, and their mission is all about safe and sustainable products.
  • Hu Kitchen:  I’m grateful I had the opportunity to dine in their kitchen prior to COVID and their closing, and I was blown away by their food.  This is a paleo-based company making baking chocolate, chocolate covered almonds/cashews/berries, and have amazingly delicious crackers.  Highly recommend them!
  • Banza:  I found banza maybe eight years ago, and to be honest, I was not sold.  For whatever reason, the taste did not sit well with me.  Three years ago, I decided to give Banza a try again and fell in love… the rest is history!  I am a major fan of using Banza with pesto, making a mac and cheese, or a cold pasta salad.  I also am a lover of their Mac and Cheese (throw some roasted veggies in there and I’m a happy girl).
  • Chosen Foods:  Avocado oil was foreign to me years ago, but after swapping out all of my oils in my home from canola and vegetable to straight avocado (with the occasional olive), Chosen foods has been my go to almost 100% of the time.  They were actually ranked one of the top avocado oils and can be easily found at Costco or Trader Joe’s!
  • Kettle and Fire:  What can I say about this absolutely delicious bone broth?!  I use it with everything – simply heated and sipped, used in soup, thickening gravy and sauce, crock pot recipes chilis, instant pot dishes, the list is endless.  I LOVE their mushroom chicken blend, and their soups (thai curry, butternut squash, broccoli cheddar, and more) are insanely good.  Perfect for a cold, breezy day.
  • The New Primal (picture coming soon!):  I absolutely LOVE using their products in my cooking, and they have the most delicious seasonings and marinades.  Their classic sauce tastes great in my BBQ chicken meatballs, buffalo seasoning in my buffalo meatballs, and their dijon mustard is epic in my meatloaf!  High quality products, and will NOT break the bank!
  • Bob’s Red Mill:  I have tried several different brands of flours but nothing can compare the quality of Bob’s.  They have been around for a very long time, and have an extensive line of flour, grains, mixes, and more.  I love using their gluten free AP flour, their arrowroot and tapioca flour, oat flour, and of course their rolled oats.  Quality products for amazing price too.  Read about their story here.
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