Brooklyn Eats: Buttermilk Channel

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn Cuisine: American, Comfort foods Living in Brooklyn definitely has a lot of advantages. For starters, I am in the mecca of culinary artists and trendy pop-up coffee shops. I live just on the outskirts of Sunset Park and Park Slope, so I get the trifecta of amazing authentic restaurants. What inspires me most is that on […]

Brooklyn Eats: Nostro Ristorante

Location: Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn Cuisine: Napoli-style Italian food; rustic feel; fresh pasta My husband and I got married in March of 2015. I am a teacher/special education coach and my husband is an accountant, therefore we don’t have many times to go away, let alone a lot vacation like a honeymoon. During this summer in particular, I embarked on a […]

Brooklyn Eats: Glasserie

Cuisine: Mediterranean; Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn It was a Monday evening, first day of Hanukkah, and I get a call from my cousin: “Hey, dinner for Sunday?” “Sure! Where?” “I’ll let you know…” I always trust my cousin for choosing restaurants because he has an adventurous palette and I like trying new foods too.  We were going out to dinner to […]