Summer Sauce

There are some recipes that bring you back to your childhood, and this summer sauce recipe is absolutely one of them. I will never forget the way my grandmother made this: whole tomatoes, oil, garlic, basil, and a touch of salt. It’s literally that easy. Simple recipes such as this summer sauce will always reign supreme, especially when things can […]

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are quintessentially the most perfect cookie. They are sweet, buttery, and crisp with the “just right” chew in the center. What could be bad about that? This classic sugar cookies recipe is no frills, made with simple ingredients, and baked to chewy perfection. Fresh baked cookies smell so good, it’s almost worth making these just for the aromas. […]

Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies are always on my breakfast rotation. Not only are they delicious, but they can pack a lot of nutrients in them, especially when they have a variety of fruits, sometimes vegetables, yogurt, and liquids such as coconut water. I am typically a green smoothie girl, but won’t say no to other versions of a smoothie. Berries are a staple […]