Turkey, Brie, and Apple Sandwich

Turkey, Brie, and Apple Sandwich

Fun fact: I used to say I “hated” cheese when I was younger. For whatever reason, I would say I did not like cheese, yet I would still eat it. Not sure what the logic was behind that was, other than I THINK I meant I dislike strong, stinky cheese like blue cheese or gorgonzola, because those cheeses I actually HATE. It did take me a few years to muster up confidence to try Brie, but now that I’ve had it, I am a major fan. I am grateful to not be preggo anymore so I can enjoy it with crackers, wine, and now in this absolutely delicious sandwich, which is inspired by my aunt.

My aunt and I were chatting about foods to make in quarantine, and while we didn’t end up seeing her for Thanksgiving, we were able to FaceTime and it was still a lovely night. She bought a wheel of Brie to bake with some fruit jam, so now that she’s home, she mentioned she’d make a turkey, brie, apple and fig jam sandwich. Initially it didn’t sound like something I wanted, but after making it today, I am HOOKED.

California Olive Ranch

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 slices of turkey breast, sliced thin –> I am a Boars Head gal.
  • Four to five slices of apple –> we used gala, but granny smith works great too.
  • 2 tbsp Brie
  • 1 tbsp fig butter or jam
  • Crusty bread (we used French baguette because that’s what we had on hand)

Take the brie and spread it across the bottom piece of the bread. Layer the turkey on top of the Brie. Add the sliced apple on top of the turkey. Take the other piece of bread (or the top of the bread, whichever kind of bread you’re using) and smear the fig butter to cover the surface of the bread and place on top of the other half of the bread. I SWEAR this is one of the most delicious sandwiches, I’m already anticipating mine at lunchtime today!

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