When in Europe, eat everything! Part I: Paris

When in Europe, eat everything! Part I: Paris

The title says it all.  When you are visiting Europe, you are encouraged, no, DEMANDED, to eat everything and take many, many food pictures.

My husband and I went to Italy three years ago for our honeymoon, and we fell in love with the way food made us feel as we shared pizza, pasta, cheese, and so much wine together.  We documented everything in pictures and wrote down each meal we ate.  We decided that every three years we will go back to Europe and do a eurotrip.. this time, we toured France, The Netherlands, and England.

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Tres Magnifique!  I loved this beautifully charming city and all it had to offer with the Eiffel tower, the museums, the shopping, (hello beautiful new neverfull LV bag…), and obviously, the cuisine.  While a lot of the restaurants I had initially researched were closed, we did end up at some pretty awesome spots:

    • Les Deux Magots –> really amazing French fare and quite popular in Paris.  We had breakfast here. (unfortunately, my pictures were of the menu… ( I had the Hemmingway dejeuner)IMG_3117
    • Le Consulat: this restaurant was smack in the middle of Montmartre (super quaint and very historic area in the 9th arrondissement).  This may have been a “tourist trap” but honestly the food was to die for.  We started with french onion soup, followed by this delectable tarragon turkey dish with basmati rice, and Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese) with pomme frites.
  • La Cave Gourmande: This was the ultimate Parisienne restaurant.  Two waiters for the whole restaurant, up a hill in Montmartre, with tables on a major slant (I felt like I was going to roll down the hill…food pun #noshame).  We started with the most savory bone marrow and toast, followed by duck breast and beef bourguignon. I die with how amazing this food was: it was beyond authentic, home made, and tasteful.
  • Osteria Ruggera: Now, this was an italian restaurant, and granted we were in France, but after being told to go to a great French spot and it was closed (because that was our luck), we said screw it let’s just find a place that no one is speaking English. Et Voila!  We found Osteria Ruggera. The aromas from this place brought us back to Firenze, and the food was no exception. (sans pics because we were starving, we started with melanzane di parmigiana, then had linguine con vongole and linguine with carciofo (artichoke))IMG_3149

Stay tuned for Part Deux: AMSTERDAM (and no, it’s not pictures of coffeeshops and spacecakes)

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