It all starts with a bite..

It all starts with a bite..

I freaking love food.  No seriously, when people say “I’m such a foodie,” I really REALLY mean it.  I love everything about it: the smell, the texture, the flavor, the people I break bread with.. all the things #food.

This blog – this site rather – is meant to explore a variety of cuisines that sit near and dear to my heart, while offering recipes and tricks to make healthy food taste just as good as the unhealthy alternatives.  Of course, I love a good cheeseburger and fries (like I had today at the Mets game… LGM!), but how do we enjoy passion for food while ensuring our bodies are getting the fullest benefit of the food’s nutrients? Alas, that is what I venture to do.

California Olive Ranch

I want to take you on a journey with food: to explore the senses with to-the-nail details about how dishes are made, the love and care that goes into each meal, and how to swap out ingredients with healthier ones to maintain true to our intentions: loving food and staying nutritious.  I promise, after trying the recipes I post here (and the not-so-tasty failures, but let’s face it, we need to fail in order to succeed), you’ll fall in love with food all over again.

It only takes one bite 🙂


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